What do you think when you hear ‘webseries’?

As it turns out, I have an incredibly positive reaction. Well, comparatively. Maybe it’s because I live in Canada who is, by the way, the leaders in innovative web content. Perhaps I’m blessed to be surrounded by content that is actually pretty darn good, but it seems like not everyone is so lucky.

I’ll follow up on this by saying that I am creating a web series, or perhaps it’s better to say ‘an original series’. Browsing around the net before I wander out to a networking event tonight, I come across an article called Let’s Kill the Web Series.

Honestly, a really worth while read (and don’t worry, it’s not telling you to stop making series’ that are aimed to be distributed online and independently).


Crew Call

Mom’s Wedding – Independent Short Film
LGBT Comedy

Looking for an MUA, hairstylist, and a PA. Shooting in June.

MUA/Hairstylist must have active portfolio – pay is negotiable
Possible pay for PA.

Contact codenamemeek@gmail.com with resume and portfolio.

Offsetting Production Costs Without Grant Money

I work at Raindance Canada. You may know this. It’s my job to connect with Members– pervious, current, and potential. I meet a lot of interesting people this way.

One day I get a call from a man with a very nice voice. He tells me he wants to be a Member, loves what we do, and wants to get involved. I ask him what he does and he tells me a spectacular story. The highlight of it being this: ‘I am responsible for the windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’

This is the future of film financing. Grant money is going out the door. It’s time to learn how to talk to investors. It’s time to learn how to talk to companies and convince them that your story and audience is what they need for their product.

Stop filling out endless paperwork. Start learning how to talk business.

Comedy comes from a very real place

If anyone knows me well they know that I’m not the biggest comedy fan but when people talk about what Comedy is I find, personally, good comedy is incredible.

If you’re a screenwriter, the Toronto Screenwriting Conference held last weekend was the place to be. The Weekend Club caught up with Canadian legends Eugine and Dan Levy to talk about writing. Check it out: